About us

iTechnology Africa is a progressive, innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provides world class digital solutions to our clients across the African continent. We’ve partnered with industry-leading African digital innovators to deliver to our clients the most reliable, stable, affordable and globally competitive services which they can rely on to propel their business forward and give them the edge.

By implementing our digital security and process enhancement services, our clients are able to quickly achieve measurable results in their daily operations. We’d love to help your business become more efficient, productive, resilient and profitable.

Our Products

Imail.Africa provides the most affordable, secure, fully-featured email service in Africa. For near-total protection from spam, viruses, phishing, hacking and malware, give our service a try.

Our mail platform is powered by the world-class email security service provider, Synaq, with our infrastructure hosted in the best South African data centres.

iForms.Africa makes it incredibly easy for any organisation to go totally paperless. Our platform allows for the rapid creation of custom, fully-integrated, secure, data-driven, cloud-hosted mobile apps that can be deployed to solve real-world data capture processes and deliver this data to the cloud for immediate analysis, auditing and processing.

Our technology makes a paperless work environment not only possible but logical and easily implementable.

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