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It’s Time Your Business
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It’s Time Your Business Mobilised its Processes!

No matter what type of business you own, using paper forms for your various processes is outdated. Not only do you appear old-fashioned to your customer base, but you run the risk of losing or accidentally destroying forms and important documents.

Here at iTechnology Africa, we present you with an exciting and innovative solution ‒ iForms! iForms is a fully-integrated, secure platform that helps you mobilise and streamline all of your business processes, giving you access to your data at the click of a button! Even if you don’t consider yourself exceptionally technologically literate, iForms is simple and easy to use.

iForms technology is used across various industries, including mining, construction, agriculture, and more. Go paperless today!

Mobilise Your Business Processes with iForms

iForms allows you to integrate and mobilise a wide range of different types of business
processes in one cohesive platform, including:







Why Choose iForms when Mobilising Your Business Processes?

While you may have a few different technology solutions as well as a few different Africa tech companies, here are a few reasons why you should choose iTechnology Africa’s iForms solution.

Powerful Functionality

iForms tools are ideal for a wide variety of functions and use cases, offering you streamlined practicality and convenience.

Completely Customisable

Build forms to suit your specific needs. Field types can include barcodes, signatures, photos, drawings, video, map locations, and more.

Stay Connected

Our platforms have built in connectors that allow you to access Google, CSV, email and other tools and applications with ease.



iForms tools are ideal for a wide variety of functions and use cases, offering you streamlined practicality and convenience.


The Email Service Chosen by Industry Leaders in Africa.

As a business owner, it is very important that you choose an email service provider that provides an easy-to-use platform and that you can trust. iMail is a mail platform that provides a secure, affordable, and fully-integrated email service suitable for small and large businesses.

A Focus on Safety Features

Here at iTechnology Africa, your safety and security are our top priority.
That is why our iMail email service offers the following online safety features:

Over 2,500 Spam Checks

Complete Virus Protection SLA

100% Phishing Protection SLA

Identity Theft Protection Toolset

Enforcing Business Rules and Policies Using DPL

Whitelist and Blacklist Administration

Why Choose iMail for Your Business?

In addition to our innovative safety solutions, there are many other reasons to make iMail your email service of choice, including:

All-in-One Solutions

iMail is more than just an email service. The platform also offers helpful tools such as calendars, contacts, tasks, and documents. We are the only local provider to offer this comprehensive technology solution.

Greater Uptime

We know how important it is to be able to access your email service at all times. That is why we offer you a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Enjoy the peace of mind that a trusted name like iMail has to offer.

Supersized Mailbox

Our mailboxes provide you with 50GB or 100gB of space. You no longer need to go through the constant task of deleting emails. Our mailboxes have been designed with busy business owners in mind.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Searching for and replying to emails has never been easier with iMail’s easy and convenient user interface. The platform is also exceptionally fast and can be integrated with other tools and applications.

Get iMail for Your Business Today!

Importing email addresses and setting up your business email with iMail could not be easier. Furthermore, our team is here to help walk you through the process.


Does iMail offer any branding services?

We know how important branding is to our clients, and that’s why iMail offers customisable signatures, field configurations, and styles.

What other platforms and software products do iTechnology Africa offer?

iTechnology Africa, leaders in Africa tech, also provide iForms and iSecurity.

Is iMail the right email service for my business?

No matter what type of business you own, iMail has so much to offer. The top sectors we provide email services to are automotive, property, and financial.


Comprehensive Managed Firewall Services

One of the biggest threats to any modern business is cyber attacks. Unfortunately, the internet is crawling with hackers and viruses that could destroy all your important data in a matter of seconds.

Luckily, iSecurity offers an innovative and affordable solution through our managed firewall devices! You’ll enjoy a customised and completely comprehensive security experience and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your online activities are protected at all times.

Invest in your business’s online security today!

iSecurity Features

When investing iSecurity, you’ll enjoy the following online security features:

URL Blocking

Remote Access

Traffic Shaping

Network Identities

Google Safe Browsing

Automated Link Failover

Hammer Protection

Automated Email Reporting


Connection Monitoring

The above features are just a few of iSecurity’s many innovative security features. If you’d like a comprehensive list, please feel free to get in touch with the iTechnology Africa team.

Why Choose iSecurity for Your Business?

In addition to our innovative safety solutions, there are many other reasons to make iMail your email service of choice, including:

Local Company

iSecurity is a proudly South African product that has been designed specifically to support and help secure local businesses. We have an in-depth understanding of the online security needs of South African business owners.

Value for Money

The costs involved with iSecurity are negligible when you consider the many benefits that they offer. Safeguarding your business’s intellectual assets and data should always be your highest priority, and iSecurity makes this possible at an affordable price.

Latest Technology

iSecurity uses the latest technology when it comes to the firewall management products that we offer. We are well aware of all the latest cyber threats and ensure they are counteracted.


No matter the size of your business, and the projected growth of your business, we have the right solution for you. With two different firewall products available, we can advise which may be the best fit.

Get iSecurity and Safeguard for Business Today!


What other types of innovative technology solutions does iTechnology Africa offer?

iTechnology Africa’s two main other technology products are iMail and iForms, both of which are hugely successful.

What devices does iSecurity provide?

iSecurity has two different shield devices available, one suitable for small to medium-sized businesses and one ideal for larger enterprises.

Is iSecurity South African?

Yes, iSecurity is proudly South African and created specifically for South African users.

Want to secure your business’s important data and processes? Interested in the services offered by iSecurity technology? Please feel free to get in touch with one of our tech security experts today at support@itechnology.africa

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